Do Tesla Cars Have Check Engine Lights?

Do Tesla Cars Have Check Engine Lights

Tesla is inarguably the biggest and most popular electric car manufacturer in the world and despite this, there are still questions asked about how they function because of how they are designed.

Usually, cars feature a malfunction indicator light or commonly known as a check engine light, that alerts the car owner when there’s an issue with the engine or a component of the car.

But how about electric cars like Tesla that do not feature an engine? Do they also have check engine lights or something similar? Let’s find out in this article.

Quick answer: No… Tesla cars do not feature check engine lights. Well, they have an indicator or warning light that functions the same way a check engine light functions. However, it’s not a check engine light because Teslas are fully electric cars and have no engine.

Check engine lights are warning lights in cars that appear on the dashboard when there’s a problem somewhere in the engine. It’s an important feature that comes with every car.

However, Teslas, or any other electric car brand, does not feature any engine, unlike traditional gas-powered cars.

Teslas feature huge traction lithium-ion battery packs that power their internal electric motors instead of combustion engines that help to move the car. No gas. No engine. Nothing like in gas-powered cars.

Therefore, it’s pointless to say a Tesla has a check engine light since they don’t come with an engine.

However, even though Teslas don’t feature a check engine light, they have an indicator or warning light that works the same way as a check engine light.

Whenever there’s a problem in any part of the car, an alert or indicator light flashes on the screen or dashboard just like check engine lights in typical gas-powered cars.

What Causes A Tesla’s Warning Light To Come On?

Just like in cars with engines, whenever the warning lights in a Tesla appear on the screen, this means there’s an issue with a component in the car that needs to be checked.

Different symbols appear on the dashboard of Tesla cars and these symbols warn you about specific components in the car.

How Do I Reset My Tesla’s Warning Light?

You can reset your Tesla’s warning light by simply turning off the ignition of your car for a few minutes or disconnecting the battery of your Tesla and reconnecting it back after a few minutes.

However, this isn’t always effective, and although it’s possible to reset the warning light in your Tesla when it appears, it’s not advisable to do so.

The best thing to do when a warning light appears on your dashboard is to get your car checked to figure out the problem and get it fixed. If it’s not something that can be fixed immediately, then it’s best you take the car down to a Tesla service center.

Sometimes, when the warning light appears on your dashboard, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a serious issue. It might just be something as simple as a seat belt reminder light.

However, it’s best to pull over just to be on the safer side and to avoid causing further damage to the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Tesla cars Have Engines?

No. Tesla cars do not have engines like traditional gas-powered cars with combustion engines. Instead of an engine, Teslas feature electric motors that are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Can I drive a Tesla with the warning lights on?

Well… Yes, you can. However, it’s highly not recommended. You could cause more damage to the car if the warning was about something serious. The reasonable thing to do when a warning light appears on your dashboard is to pull over and check for what the issue is.

Do Teslas have check engine lights?

No. Teslas do not have check engine lights because they have no engine. They are electric cars that feature an electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries. Although they have equivalent indicator lights and Symbols that appear on the screen when there’s a malfunction in the car, it can’t be called a check engine light because they have no engine.

What cars have check engine lights?

All cars that possess combustion engines powered by fuel have check engine lights.

Do Teslas have a Transmission?

Yes. Teslas do have a transmission. However, it’s different from that traditional gas-powered cars. Tesla cars and the majority of other electric cars feature a single-speed transmission and not a multi-speed transmission like in cars with combustion engines. Meaning they have only one gear.

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