Can Lexus Cars Be Flat Towed?

Can Lexus Cars Be Flat Towed?

Do you own a Lexus and would like to know if it’s okay to flat tow Lexus cars? Then, check this out.

Flat towing, also called four-down towing or dinghy towing, is one of the simplest ways to tow a car because, it doesn’t require any special gear to set up, and it’s less time-consuming. It’s simply pulling one car on its four tires, behind another car, with a tow kit.

Quick answer: Lexus cars can but should never be flat towed because they aren’t designed for such a process. Attempting to flat tow or dingy tow a Lexus car is a bad idea because it’ll lead to the car’s transmission being damaged badly.

Most folks going on road trips make use of flat towing to bring their car along because of how easy it is to set up and disconnect.

However, not all cars are designed to be flat towed as it can cause serious damage to the car. Especially for owners of luxury car brands such as the Lexus, it’s important to know the structure and design of your vehicle before attempting to flat tow it.

What Type Of Cars Should Be Flat Towed?

Only cars whose transmission gets lubricated even when their engines are not running should be flat towed. This lubrication prevents the transmission from getting damaged due to overheating of the moving parts.

Years back, flat towing most cars wasn’t much of an issue because most cars back then had manual transmissions or manual transfer cases.

Lexus IS 250

The transmission of most manual cars is constantly lubricated by a pump even when their engines are not running which prevents their transmission from overheating and burning up when flat towing them.

Therefore, dinghy towing in most manual cars is pretty easy and doesn’t come with any consequences on the car’s engine or transmission.

However, these days, cars mostly come with an automatic transmission system and for most automatic cars, the pump that lubricates their transmission only works when the engine is running.

This means, that flat towing in most automatic cars can damage their transmission system by causing it to overheat and burn out.

This makes it more difficult to flat tow automatic transmission cars such as Lexus cars because they require their engines to run to keep the transmission lubricated.

Except in some new cars with an automatic transmission system that features a pump that constantly lubricates the transmission of their engine even when the engine isn’t running. These cars can be flat towed without the fear of damaging the transmission of the car.

Why Can’t Lexus Cars Be Flat Towed?

Lexus cars are more tilted towards luxury and not an adventure. Their cars are not at all made for the purpose of flat towing.

Lexus car, like the majority of automatic and pump-dependent transmissions, require their engines to be running for the transmission to stay lubricated. This lubrication prevents overheating and burning up which causes damage to the transmission.

Although there are ways in which Lexus cars can be flat towed such as: disconnecting the drive shaft on rear/all-wheel drive Lexus SUVs, adding a transmission cooler on front/all-wheel drive Lexus cars, or installing a lubricant pump, it’s still not recommended trying to dinghy tow a Lexus car.

If you have to tow your Lexus car, we recommend you try other ways.

What Are The Best Ways To Tow A Lexus Car?

There are a few ways you can tow your Lexus car without causing any damage to the car engine transmission such as:

1. Using A Trailer Tow Truck Or Flat Bed Truck

This is one of the best ways to tow a Lexus car without damaging your car’s transmission. It’s the recommended way of towing a Lexus car to the Lexus service manuals.

2. Wheel Lift and Dolly

Making use of a wheel lift and dolly tow truck is another way to tow a Lexus that reduces the chances of damaging the transmission.

With this method, it’s best to raise the rear end of your Lexus and most importantly, put your ignition key in ACC or accessory position to unlock the steering.

3. Emergency Towing Hook

In case there’s no towing truck available in an emergency, you can make use of the emergency towing hooks or towing eye at the front of your Lexus car.

However, there has to be someone in the driver’s seat steering the car and operating the brakes when necessary. Also, this should only be done for short distances, at slow speeds, and on hard surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will Happen If I Flat Tow A Lexus Car?

If you flat tow a Lexus car, you risk damaging the car’s transmission because Lexus cars aren’t designed for such processes and should never be flat towed.

Is It Possible To Flat Tow Lexus Cars?

Yes. It’s possible to flat tow Lexus cars. If you disconnect the drive shaft, add a transmission cooler or install a lubricant pump. However, it’s highly not recommended because Lexus cars are not designed to be dinghy towed.

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